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NY residents and providers, Time Sensitive Announcement!

Posted 24 days ago by Paola Gonzalez in Announcements

Hello PALH members,

We are aiming to support the efforts of the state of New York as they are trying to modernize PA Legislation to bring down barriers to PA practice for the New York community. NYSSPA is making every effort to encourage lawmakers to support this critical legislation that will remove outdated administrative barriers and modernize PA practice in the NY state.

Use this template:

to email your elected officials and let them know how this legislation will help you and your patients. Make sure to customize this message with your own personal story - the more personal this message is the better! Please add information about your education/training, your love for being a PA, and how this bill could help you and your practice.

On May 6, lawmakers will return to Albany for the last few weeks of the legislative session. Time is of the essence! 

The effectiveness of grassroots movements has been proven repeatedly. To move this bill forward, it’s crucial that we maintain pressure on the legislature to act on A.8378/S.9038. Your involvement is key and essential for success! This bill will help PAs by removing supervision requirements for those with more than 8,000 hours of experience, as well as expanding where PAs can practice and their ability to treat patients.

Recruit a colleague, coworker, family member, or friend to join our campaign!

Thank you for helping our NY colleagues.


Paola Gonzalez, MPAS, PA-C

President PAs for Latino Health