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Benefits of Membership

PALH is Working For YOU!

The current PALH board is committed to upholding the purpose of our mission statement. Here some of the ways in which PALH is working to meet your needs:

  • Developed and implemented a uniform Spanish translation of “physician assistant” to “asociado médico”.
  • Sponsors educational programs on Latino topics at the AAPA’s Annual PA Conference.
  • Supports PA students through the PALH scholarship fund
  • Provides a newsletter and Facebook page for the membership which serves as a valuable source of information relating to both PAs and patients of Latino heritage.
  • Conducts membership business meetings annually during the AAPA’s Annual PA Conference.
  • It provides a website that provides members with access to the most current information regarding PALH activities, benefits, and opportunities.
  • Sponsors fundraising and social activities at the AAPA’s Annual Conference to provide money for PA student scholarship.
  • In collaboration with AAPA, established practice laws in Puerto Rico which allow PA’s to provide care the Islands population.
  • Ongoing networking with other AAPA caucuses. Established voting delegate in AAPA HOD for PALH.