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PALH Position on AAPA's Decision to allow Bari Weiss at AAPA

Posted 11 months ago

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PALH has a mission like any other healthcare organization: to render aid to all who need care, regardless of color, creed, or sexual orientation. At our annual AAPA conference, Ms. Bari Weiss will moderate on the topic, “From Brain to body: How Lifestyle Choices Impact your Brain Health and Overall Wellness”. While the talk may very well be informative in reference to healthcare, Ms. Weiss’ known anti-transgender/gender diverse beliefs may very well veer into topics against an already vulnerable population that is already in fear of not being able to receive adequate healthcare as others do due to their “lifestyle choice”. PALH and others at the AAPA annual conference House of Delegates have voted on policies which state that AAPA’s position is to care for all people, regardless of who they are or whom they love; it is time that AAPA also upholds that policy and not alienate the very people they claim to care for. PALH will not attend this talk and will encourage others to do the same. We will not endorse those who hold views against ANY healthcare disparity group. This is not about someone’s taste in clothing, but about someone showing hatred against a group of people for their “choice” of giving us the gift of showing us on the outside who they always were on the inside, and they should be celebrated, not judged.


Rafael Pomales Jr., MHS, PA-C, DFAAPA

President, PALH