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PA's Go Beyond Celebrating PA Week!

Posted 6 months ago by Paola Gonzalez

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Hello PALH Members:

Every year from October 6 – 12, we celebrate PA Week, which recognizes the PA profession and its contributions to the nation’s health. This PA Week, we’re asking you to help us spread the word: PAs Go Beyond! Download, print, and share the materials below with your colleagues and social media networks – before, during, and after PA Week.

PA Week is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the profession in your community. Seek a proclamation from your local government and use our op-ed template to bring attention to PAs in your local paper. Download the high-resolution logo file for all of your PA Week plans — you can make your own giveaway items, set up an information table at your workplace, or host a PA Week celebration.

Use the fact sheet as guidance when you’re writing or speaking about the PA profession. Download and print the How PAs Go Beyond flyer as a tangible reminder of the profession’s unique attributes.

We have added the Spanish versions of these files for your use.

Social Media Posts

Share these posts on your social media channels to amplify the PAs Go Beyond message. Feel free to modify any of the following messages to align with your experience.

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Our friends at the African Heritage PA Caucus also let us know that PAs on the Plaza is happening this year, 2022! It will be the (early) morning of Oct. 6 and we actually visiting 2 plazas: The Today Show and Good Morning America. We are asking that people who are planning to be present fill out a form on behalf of their group so they can assign the group to a plaza: PA's on the Plaza PA Week

 If your schedule permits, there is also an optional afternoon event to attend a late night show taping in New York City. Please note, AAPA is not securing these tickets and an AAPA staff person would not be present for these events. Interested PAs and students can sign up for tickets to the late night shows for October 6. These shows typically tape around 2:00-4:00 p.m. in the afternoon.

We are hoping that a small group of PA students and/or PAs in white coats would get a notice or a shout out from the host! It looks like one person can sign-up for up to 2 tickets, and then everyone is put on a waitlist. The show then lets people know closer to the date of the show if they secured a ticket.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah—10/6 waitlist available

Late Night with Seth Meyers—10/6 waitlist available

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert—10/6 waitlist available

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon—10/6 waitlist available

Use this opportunity to raise your voice and be heard. Share who you are and why Latino Health matters.

This recent trip to the AAPA Leadership and Advocacy Summit demonstrated to PALH and our members who attended the importance of voicing who we are, why we are important and the difference that we make in patient's lives especially in the Latino communities.

Join me and the rest of the PA's for Latino Health Caucus in showing our united voice.

Happy PA Week!

Paola Gonzalez MPAS, PA-C

President Elect PALH


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